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Benefits of Vitamin and Nutritional Supplements

Studies show that the usage of dietary supplements is at an all-time high. Vitamin and nutritional supplements can support your body in many ways from basic health care to helping with a rheumatic condition. 

At Rheumatology Solutions in San Antonio, Texas, you can look to our board-certified physicians and the rest of our team for expertise in recommending and providing the right vitamin and nutritional supplements for your health.

We offer thorough nutritional counseling to help you learn how to give your body the best overall nourishment, so it can function well and increase your quality of life.

The importance of vitamin and nutritional supplements

Did you know that eating a balanced diet doesn’t necessarily supply all the critical vitamins your body needs? And even if it did, it isn’t always easy to maintain what it takes to eat a perfect diet. 

You can also suffer from a nutritional deficit for other reasons, too. For example, if you’re pregnant, or if you take certain medications, your body needs to be supplemented with additional vitamins and minerals for support.

When you take vitamin and nutritional supplements along with eating a healthy diet, your body can experience positive changes. 

The benefits of supplements

Although vitamin and nutritional supplements benefit all ages, you especially want to get your adequate intake if you’re elderly. Supplements have been found to sustain and even improve your:

Studies have also shown that vitamin and mineral supplements can lessen your risk of sickness and disease, such as pneumonia.

What should I take?

During your consultation, we talk to you about your lifestyle and evaluate any health conditions of concern. Since our consultations are highly personalized, we make recommendations based on your specific health needs.

If you suffer from serious issues, such as arthritis (all types), gout, vasculitis, and others, our nutritional counseling gets you on the right path to ultimately reduce your symptoms and help you feel better.

We also offer IV infusion therapy, which goes directly into your bloodstream with the use of a needle or a catheter. We use this treatment to get effective results quickly when you have a severe health need.

The safety of supplements

You can feel confident that our vitamin and nutritional supplements recommendations meet the specific requirements for your body. Our training, expertise, and experience keep your safety at the forefront of getting your health on the right path. 

We make sure that your supplements support your body with the proper dosage amount. We also monitor your health closely and follow your progress.

To learn more about vitamin and nutritional supplements that can enhance your health and quality of life, contact us at 210-526-9798, or request your appointment online today.

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